Civil Engineering Design & Permitting

Tampa Civil Design engineers are experienced in all areas of site design including subdivisions, commercial developments, municipal projects, industrial projects and multi-family developments. We also assist many of our customers in Rezoning and Variance applications. We are able to consult on projects anywhere in the State of Florida.

Transportation Engineering

Tampa Civil Design engineers are experienced in complex roadway design projects. We have experience in performing turn lane creation and expansion, new roadway design, and complex maintenance of traffic design. We have experience in permitting with the FDOT, The Turnpike Authority, and local municipalities.

Environmental Engineering

We believe in responsible development at Tampa Civil Design. Our engineers have completed numerous wetland impact and creation projects without a failure. The success of our responsible wetland impacting and new wetland creations is known throughout the SWFWMD and EPC.

Project Management

At Tampa Civil Design, it is our mission to ensure our clients have successful projects. Our staff has the background and experience to assist in all phases of the projects from schematic design, to engineering and document creation, permitting, contractor selection, construction management, & project clearance